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Smile Time LLC is a premier event photo booth rental company based in Ocala, Florida. Our specialty is making you and your guest SMILE. We believe that inviting Smile Time to set up our beautiful open-air photo booth at your next event will put a smile on your face too. Let’s face it, we live in a social media world. Smile Time’s “state of the art” photo booth is social media friendly. With only a few clicks your quality, high resolution photos can be instantly uploaded to the social media site of your choice. Not only can we upload your photos to social media but we can also email them as well. Since we want you to have all of the photos that were taken at your event we add the event photos to a zipped file so that you may share and print as many as you’d like. This option is included in all of Smile Time’s photo booth packages at no additional cost to you. Props like the Snap Chat filters will have you and your guest ROFL. (rolling on the floor laughing) Customized templates and backdrops are the hottest trend in the photo booth industry right now. Smile Time can customize your prints to show virtually anything you want them to show. We can add a variety of text to your photos. If you think that’s awesome wait just a minute because we can also take video and even turn your session into a GIF. One of the most popular questions we get is from wedding guest that want to know if they can leave a video message for the Bride and Groom and yes, we most certainly can do that too! Smile Time does green screen shoots. That means we can put you with any background you choose. The sky is the limit with our abilities. We can put you in a field of flowers or maybe you want to be on a beach in Tahiti, we can do that! No matter what package you chose, Smile Time’s mission is giving you the very best quality photos, props, and service possible. Let our experienced and friendly photo booth attendants help take your next event to the next level. Give us a call and schedule your event session today, you’ll be glad you did.  Request a Quote!
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